My officemates always ask me if I am a Taylor Swift fan, because I have her almost anywhere I go.

And yeah, I am kind of being blessed with apple stuffs. I would actually love to give them a name. Any suggestions?

(Now I am going to blog this because it’s one perfect excuse to use the photo templates I made! :D + to answer the question that has long been given by an anon in my twitter which unfortunately, I cannot find anymore. It was “did you gave your iPad2 a name?”)

Our First Kiss

It was only a few days after we had actually started hanging out instead of texting/calling. I still wasn’t sure if he liked me, but I was positive I liked him. I brought my ukulele over to his house one night and told him I had written him a song. He asked me to play it for him. After I started strumming, I kept asking myself why in the world I would even tell a boy I wrote him a song when we’ve only hung out a couple of days. The first time I played, my dad called me right as I began singing, and I had to stop playing. My phone lost reception, so I hung up and started playing again. Then my dad called back, interrupting me yet again, so I had to start playing a third time. By this time my voice was shaking. I was hoping I could just not play and he would forget I even mentioned anything about a song. Nevertheless, I pushed my negative thoughts aside and sang him the song. The song basically told him I had a crush on him, and the chorus asked if he likes me too. While I was playing, he scooted closer, and I started shaking even more. As soon as I finished singing, he said, “That was awesome.” Leaned in, and kissed me. My entire body turned into jello at that instant. A boy hadn’t kissed me in nearly two years before him. I was so mad at him, too, because I was eating beef jerky beforehand and I yelled at him for kissing me with jerky breath. I held out my unsteady, shaky hand and he laughed. I told him not to laugh at me and he pulled me close, kissed my forehead, and said, “You’re cute.” We held each other in silence for a few moments. I was still shaking.

We’re still happily together today and our one year anniversary is coming up in just a little over a month.
IDK why but I feel so inlove with this story. :’) This are rare moments, really. :|

Moments of Realization in a Moment

Because I love how my new iPhone has become my new buddy, especially when I’m thinking! :D

I’m gonna share some of the thoughts I ponder which I pour into the notes (lamely, because I just want to blog)

  • *That cadet who was appealing to me when he first came here is undeniably gay. I can tell and prove by the way he walk and talk and by the way his fingers flick in the air when gesturing. Its a shame it did not even occured to me that he was one of us. Now I am staring at him and thinking he could even be vainer than me. And I found myself in confusion why I liked him in the first place.
  • *He was early today and we’re both in black! Gosh. Okaaay… I am actually wearing blue and my jacket is black but still!
  • *I love how telecoms work! I wish I could stay here because its good that we are the ones doing this escalation thing and stuffs. And I love how I know stuffs when there is a network outage and when signals are weird and when your internet connection is intermittent. Ha. I am so gonna miss this.
  • *Ack! We met in the hallway!!! GOSH MY HEART IS LEAPING OUT FROM MY CHEST NOW HE LOOKED AT ME FOR A SPLIT SECOND I KNOW BECAUSE I SAW IT!!! ahhhhh!!! *aw, my heart*
  • *So I took lunch today at 3pm because of the huge amount of emails! But I’d prefer that than the graveyard thing with less stuff to do.
  • *For a moment today I loved my bamboo looking legs. 
  • *Most of the time, songs like A Thousand Years by Christina Perri makes my heart shatter, even though I know its actually the nuptial song of Bella and Edward. I am that affected to their wedding. Ha-ha.
  • *Today I sat beside a legendary man of the country —- which, unfortunately, I’m very unaware of was Biazon.
  • *There is one certain problem with myself I know I am half ashamed of. Probably that thing with the older guys. In any case though, I am thinking its weird for a girl who has always believed in the existence of Prince Charming —- not the King!
  • *I am finding someone gorgeously beautiful in his jeans and shirt. I know, its normal. Duh.
  • *But he will never know. He will never know how I admire seeing him there, with the burning cigarette twisted in his fingers, his eyes teary because of the smoke and that gaze that stunned me again, there, in the exit.
  • *So I’m thinking again and I think about getting a bit of fat because honestly, take it from a skinny me, its not nice being, well, tall and skinny at the same time.


I know, I talk a lot - with my brain.

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rehinagrasia.a 90’s kid. potter girl. manileña, pinas. believes she is a replica of a human cyborg who never refrains from dreaming big and admiring unsophisticated stuff. uniquely not battery operated. never forgets the essence of her spark.

rehinagrasia is her tagalized name. preferred written in lowercase. she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in New Era University, Quezon City Philippines.

she is a blogger of almost all sorts. loves stringing words and  putting her imaginations into bits of idea in a sheet of paper —- sometimes in crumpled scratch or tissue. she’s been quite long in the blogosphere.

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